July 11th, 2011

The basic process paradigm is that signals and information from the client-therapist pair contain their own structure and implicit evolution, that is, the solutions to the problems at hand. The method was to wait to develop a strategy until the structure had become apparent.When working with people with whom I have trouble communicating, I always refer to my video tape recording. I often make decisions only after having studied the video in order to discover which information I have not allowed myself to pick up and why I did not pick it up. If the client becomes increasingly unhappy during the session or afterwards, or if my communication to the client does not receive a favorable response, I assume that I have to change. I usually find out that I have rigid conceptions of how people t should be or am unconscious of something I am projecting onto the client which makes it impossible for me either to pick up or to deal openly with what is happening. For example, in one sitting where a woman suffering from chronic alcoholism spoke about what seemed to me to be a harmful interaction with her little children, I entered a cyclical and antagonist process with her in which I was anything but helpful, either to her or those around her. She brought up problems in myself I first had to deal with before I was even able to understand the video tape.This particular woman helped me to be definitive about my own goals in working with her and others, and helped me to become aware of the occasional discrepancy between what the therapist’s and client’s goals may be. As far as I know, my goals seem to be (1) to achieve what I interpret to be unequivocal positive response from the client, (2) to get the same response from the environment, (3) to enjoy myself to the utmost, and (4) to appreciate the nature of difficult situations. Obviously I have to be wide awake about myself because not every client will automatically join me in these expectations!*30\227\8*

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